How To Clean Laminate Floors

Published on Oct 7, 2022

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Each home is made from different materials which all require different techniques when it comes to cleaning. What works on some materials might not work on another and could do serious damage. For renters, this means any time you move into a new home, you need to find out the proper cleaning methods for each part of the home. One of the more common materials used for flooring in modern homes is laminate floors. Here are some tips for properly cleaning your laminate floors: 

Do not do list:

  • Don’t use any steam cleaners. The extreme heat and moister can have a negative impact on the glue under the panels. Over time, this can result in serious water damage. 
  • Don’t use any regular mops. This is for the same reason as the steam cleaner. Too much water on the laminate floors can create water damage over time. 
  • Avoid using any old-school bristle brooms. The bristles can fall off the broom and over time can scratch and damage the laminate floors. 
  • Try not to use any products that say they will make the floor shiny. These products can leave a waxy build-up over time and is extremely difficult to remove. 
  • Don’t use any traditional wood cleaners. The floors may look like wood, but it isn’t the same. Oily wood cleaning soaps can leave ugly streaks on laminate floors. 
  • Avoid using any abrasives like sponges, steel wool, and baking soda. These can damage and scratch the floors
  • Never use vinegar. It’s a popular cleaning ingredient but it is extremely acidic and can break down the surface of laminate floors over time. 

Protecting the floors

  • Do your best to now allow large amounts of liquids to rest on the floor. If anything is spilled, soak it up immediately to avoid water damage. 
  • Just like with wood floors, use pads beneath your furniture to avoid creating any scratches or divots in the laminate floors whenever you need to move your furniture.
  • If you have pets, place mats underneath their food and water bowls to prevent any water from getting onto the floors. 

How to clean

One of the best ways to clean your laminate floors is to use a dry mop on a daily basis. This will pick up any dust and particles that over time could lead to scratches on the floor. Try to avoid using any regular bristle brooms and instead use a cloth dry mop. Microfiber works really well with laminate floors. 

While a dry mop can handle the dust and smaller particles, you’ll need to vacuum regularly as well. One great option for regular vacuuming is robotic vacuums. These can help you reach places you can’t easily get to like under furniture. 

Finally, when it comes to cleaning laminate floors, the general rule of thumb is to use gentle cleansers. One simple solution you can make is one part rubbing alcohol, three parts water, and one squirt of dish soap. You can apply this to the floors using a lightly dampened cloth. Follow up the cleaning by wiping the floor down with a dry cloth immediately after.

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