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Is Ziprent licensed?

Yes, we have a valid CA brokers license: CalBRE: #02095462

What kind of insurance does Ziprent have?

We carry both Errors and Ommissions and General Liability for $2M

Do you provide landlord insurance or do I need to handle that on my own?

Most homeowner's insurance will also cover you as a landlord as well. I would contact your insurance agent to make sure that your insurance will cover your property as a rental. If it does not, you would actually need to change your insurance as the insurance will actually not cover fire/liability if there is a renter in there. We can provide you with contacts of a few agents we work with if need be. Besides that we carry E&O and General Liability insurance for $2M for activities that we are involved in.

How many properties do you manage?

At the time writing we currently manage 150+ units, with a combination of multi-family and single family homes.

How do you come up with suggested rent price?

For every property that needs tenant placement, we provide a rental analysis shortly after signing up for an account. After gathering the necessary information about your property, we look for comparable properties and provide an analysis based on a myriad of features.

What kind of contract do you have for the owners?

Depending on what service you need, property management or tenant placement, we immediately generate the appropriate contract for you to review and sign.

Is there a contract minimum to work with you?

We have a no commitment contract, you can cancel at anytime.

What happens if the contract gets broken?

At any point in time, you have full access to the lease and tenant contact information so you can simply communicate with them to assign a new property manager or take over the rent collection/management.

How long do you recommend a lease term to be?

We recommend 1 year as part of our property management contract. This includes re-negotiating a new lease and we always try to keep rents at market rate.

How long does it usually take to get the house rented?

Our current average time is 10 days but depending on price and location it can be anywhere between 3-20 days in general.

Do you have details about how you handle non-payment / eviction / other disputes with tenants?

As part of our management, we cover all noticing and communication with tenants to recover the rent. That includes the initial warnings as well as the 3 day to pay rent or quit. After a 3 day notice, the next step is to actually file a complaint with the courts and for the eviction to go through the court process. At this point in time, we will get a lawyer involved to handle an eviction. We have a few that we can recommend or we can work with a lawyer that you'd like to choose. We are as involved as can be.

It is important to note that we have yet to have an eviction for a tenant we've placed in a property and we've placed hundreds over the last few years.

What work does the house need prior to renting?

Depends on the shape. If there is a lot of deferred maintenance, we recommend at least new/cleaned carpets, new paint and deep cleaning.

What is your definition of rent ready?

Depends on the location of the property. But at the very least, it needs to be free of clutter and trash, it needs to have been professionally cleaned or cleaned to that quality and if there is a lot of holes/paint touch-ups on the walls, we recommend a full paint.

When do I receive my rental income?

You receive your rental income on the first of every month. We provide same day ACH processing, which no other property management company provides.

For urgent and routine maintenance issues, how are these handled? How is bidding/billing handled for any service work that is done?

Tenants contact us via our main line or the manager email (manager@ziprent.com). We first vet to issue to identify its urgency/viability by asking for pictures and descriptions. We always aim to obtain at least 3 bids before bringing them to your attention and asking for a confirmation to move forward with repair/coordination. We generally present you with cost, company name and reviews on the web so you know that they are reputable. .

For urgent issues (say large leak at midnight), we will attempt to contact you but we always evaluate the urgency and simply go ahead with the fix if we can't get a hold of you and the damage could be extensive if we wait. In those cases, we do our best to reduce the cost but we simply do move forward with the best vendor that we can find.

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