Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Published on Sep 7, 2022


It’s difficult to find landlords who are willing to allow pets. When you do find one, you’ll want to stay in their good graces and maintain a high level of cleanliness. This is also a great way to protect your security deposit as landlords often charge extra for pets. Here are some tips for regular cleaning for those with pets

Use a handheld vacuum or lint roller

A lint roller is a must-have if you have pets. They’re quick and easy if you want to give a quick one-over to pick up any loose hairs from your pets (or even yourself). You can use lint rollers on almost any surface and they are the simplest way to handle any quick clean-ups. Using them regularly also has the added benefit of removing most of the hair that might do damage to your vacuum cleaner. 

You can also get a handheld vacuum cleaner that will be easier to maneuver than the big bulky ones. Using these daily can prevent any big hair build-ups. Another option is to get a rubber broom specifically designed to comb through carpets and pick up pet hair. If you have all three options, you’ll be ready for anything. 

Keep the first outside 

Unlike your houseguests, you can’t exactly ask your dogs or cats to wipe their feet off on the doormat before coming in. One option is to keep a bucket with some shallow water by the door along with a towel. This way you can soak and whip your dog's paws every time you come home from a walk. And don’t forget to wipe your shoes off as well. 

Clean all toys and collars

Keeping your home clean isn’t just about removing all the hair and dirt. You still have to deal with all the odors as well. Collars and toys can store a lot of odor and are often overlooked when it comes to regular cleaning. The easiest way to keep them clean is to soak them for about 30 minutes in some warm water and dog shampoo. After their soak, rinse them in cold water and let them dry. 

You can also use a dishwasher if you have one. This is the most effective way to clean all of your pet's toys and collars at the same time. This is the least labor-intensive and delivers the best results. Be sure to see what materials everything is made of before sticking it in the dishwasher. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your dog by ruining his favorite toy. 


Deodorize regularly instead of waiting until something smells a little off or a houseguest mentions something. One way to quickly deodorize is to spray white vinegar over stains. Spray just enough to leave it a little wet, but don’t soak the area. 

There are also carpet deodorizers you can use regularly when you vacuum. This will help keep odors away in between your annual deep cleanings.

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