DIY For Tenants: How To Install TV Wall Mount

Published on Nov 17, 2021


Everyone wants to make their home feel like a home. Unfortunately, as a tenant, you are limited in your ability to make your home just the way you like it. Since you don’t own the property, there is no reason to spend money on big upgrades since you may not be there for long.

There are minor changes that can be made to make your home feel like your home. One quick and inexpensive option is to mount your TV on your wall. This is a simple task that can be done on your own but is beneficial to have a second person to assist you. 

What you will need

  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Paper template (optional)
  • Pencil or masking tape
  • Tape measure 
  • Power drill
  •  drill bit
  • Philips head or flathead screwdriver
  • TV mount
  • Included mounting hardware

Selecting the right position

Ideally, you’ll want to select a wall where the TV can be centered in front of the seating area. You’ll also want to select a wall with an outlet and access to the cable or satellite. With smart TVs and the option to cut the cord and just use streaming services, it can allow for more options of which wall to choose.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re positioning the TV at the proper height and distance from the seating area. This will depend on both your TV size and the height of your couches and chairs. You’ll want to position the TV at around eye level. Some TVs attach to the wall mount at the bottom of the TV, and others at the center. You’ll want to figure out which one your TV is before deciding where to install the wall mount. 

Find the studs

The drywall won’t be strong enough to hold the weight of the mounted TV. You’ll need to find the studs in order to mount the TV. You can use the knocking method if you don’t have a stud-finder, but a stud-finder is the best option and they are inexpensive. Once you find the studs, mark the location with a pencil so it can be erased later. 

Mark drill location

Once you have found the studs, you’ll need to mark the location where you need to drill the holes. You can use a level to make sure the holes are all aligned or you can trace the bracket on a piece of paper and use that as a guide for where to mark the holes. If you use the paper, be sure to double-check with the level to make sure it isn’t slanted before marking the wall. 

Double-check with bracket

Before you drill the pilot holes, you’ll want to make sure they are properly aligned with the bracket. Place the bracket flat against the wall to see if the pencil marks are in the correct position. Use the level to make sure there is no slant as well. 

Drill the holes

You’ll want to check with the instructions on the wall mount to make sure you’re using the correct drill bit. Once you have the correct drill bit, drill the pilot holes. 

Attach the mounting plate

Your TV will have designated holes in the back where a mounting plate can be screwed on. Some TVs have them towards the bottom, and others in the middle. You’ll want to lay down a clean towel on the ground and lay the screen side down flat. Get the property screwdriver and use it to connect the mounting place to the TV.

Make sure you don’t tighten the screws too much as this can ruin the TV. Tighten them just enough so they are secure, but not as right as you possibly can. 

Install the wall mount

Now that you have the pilot holes ready, place the mount over the holes and use a screwdriver, power drill, or ratchet to secure the mount against the wall. You’ll want to make sure the mount isn’t loose or wiggling in any way, but you’ll also want to make sure you haven’t tightened it too much. If the mount is warped or bent, that means it is too tight and you’ll need to loosen it up a bit. 

Attach the TV to the mounted bracket

Now that the mounting plate has been secured to the TV, you’ll need to attach the mounting plate to the wall mount. This is where having an extra set of hands can be extremely helpful to make sure you don’t damage your TV. Be sure to live the TV by the bottoms and the sides, and don’t put any pressure on the screen. 

Be sure to follow the specific instructions based on the wall mount you bought. You will need to elevate the TV to the level of the mount or slightly over so it can be dropped in. Once you have done that, there will be some level to secure the mounting plate to the mount. That will involve either a clip or a screw of some sort. 

Connect the TV

The only thing left to do is to connect the TV to the power source and any cable box or video game system which needs connecting and you’re done.

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