How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Published on Oct 14, 2022


Every home requires different procedures when it comes to cleaning. This is because every home uses different building materials. These building materials will dictate how you clean as well as what cleaning supplies you use. For renters, this means every new home you move into requires you to consider how you will clean your home and what you will clean with. For example, laminate and wood floors may look the same, but they require different cleaning supplies. If you have any questions about the materials in your rental unit, you can contact your property manager or landlord. Here are some tips for cleaning wood floors. 

Regular cleaning

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  • There are two options when it comes to regular cleaning of your wood floors. One is to use a broom or a microfiber dust mop on a regular basis. The dust mop is probably the best option as the broom may leave bristles on the floor that could scratch the floor down the road. 
  • You can also use a vacuum cleaner. When using the vacuum, turn off the brush roll if that’s an option since the bristles may scratch the hardwood floors. Some vacuum cleaners come with rubber bristles on the brush roll that likely won’t cause any damage to the floors. It’s important to vacuum and/or dust mop on a regular basis to keep a nice shine on your floors and to help prevent any damage from dust and dirt. 

Mopping tips

  • While it may not be as important to mop every corner of your home, you do want to mop the heavy traffic areas on a weekly basis. If you’re using a mop, be sure to wring out as much of the water as possible so that it’s damp and not leaving large droplets of water on the floor. Rinse only when necessary. 
  • Avoid leaving any standing water on the wood floors. Water left on the floor for too long can create water spots and long-term damage. To make cleaning easier, you can use special spray mops like swiffers that have cleaning solutions specifically made for wood floors. 
  • There are steam mops that are designed specifically for wood floors, but it’s best to avoid any steam cleaners as they can dull the floors and do long-term damage. Avoid any homemade cleaning solutions that include any vinegar as they can damage the floors as well. Do not use any vinyl floor cleaner on the hardwood floors. 

Give it a shine 

  • After you have removed all the dust and mopped the floors, you will want to finish with a cleaning solution that will give the floors a nice shine and help increase their longevity of the floors. You can use a liquid scratch concealer that will put a finish over scratches that won’t come off during cleaning. 
  • You can also use a wood floor polish that can help to restore the shine as well as prevent any damage in the future. This can also help fill any small scratches on the floor. 
  • Floor wax is another option. This will revitalize and give a deep cleaning to worn hardwood floors. 

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