How To Lower Landscaping Costs On Rental Property

Published on Oct 20, 2021


When it comes to cutting costs on rental property maintenance, one area that can often be overlooked is landscaping. There are multiple ways to go about cutting costs. It could be more about sustainability or properly maintaining the landscaping you already have. Here are a few ways to cut costs: 

Water overnight

Since it takes about a half-gallon of water per square foot of grass to properly water a lawn, it is best to water overnight.  Watering overnight will prevent water from evaporating, meaning it will require less water and save money over time. This also has the added benefit of reducing potential damage to grass and other plants since water can act as a magnifying glass under a hot sun. 

Use the 3-inch rule for grass

While having short grass may be more visually appealing, it can make maintaining a lawn much more expensive as it is more likely to damage the lawn while also requiring more regular mowing. Keeping the grass at least 3 inches in length will give it more surface area to catch more sunlight and help with photosynthesis creating a healthier lawn. This helps the lawn develop a strong root system that will prevent weed growth. This also helps cut costs when it comes to weed removal. 


This is a fundamentally different way of looking at landscaping. It is more of a long-term strategy that may require a lot of change when it comes to the plants that are currently in the yard. Xeriscaping is about using indigenous plants that evolved to succeed in the local climate. This means they would require less watering while having the added bonus of being able to sustain droughts where other plants would likely fail. You can research your climate and find out what pants naturally occur and landscape your property based on those plants. 

Talk to your landscapers

Some landscapers may take a one size fits all approach to dealing with weeds. This may be less effective on some weeds causing them to come back. If they aren’t using proper techniques, you can ask them to look into it, or you can look for a new landscaper who is more knowledgeable when it comes to yard maintenance. 

Plant perennials 

By planting perennials, you won’t have to worry about planting new plants every year. They will bloom around the same time every year and create more curb appeal for your rental property. This can help when it comes to tenant placement and finding the right tenants while also lowering the regular maintenance needed for the yard. 


Talk to your landscaper about leaving the trimmings from mowing the lawn on the grass. This can help provide much-needed nutrients for your grass while also reducing the amount of waste that needs to go into the trash.

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