SB 10 Heads To Governor's Desk

Published on Sep 6, 2021


SB 10, a housing bill that impacts how local governments can rezone land, has passed in both the state senate and the assembly. Now that it has been passed, it heads to Governor Newsom’s desk where it will be signed into law. Newsom may not sign it immediately because of the impending recall election and many of the candidates running for governor have stated they will veto SB 10 if they are elected into office. Whether or not the bill ends up law could depend on the results of the midterm election. 

What does SB 10 do?

SB 10 doesn’t mandate anything statewide and doesn’t force cities to change anything they are currently doing. What it does do is make it easier to rezone parcels of land in transit-rich and job-rich areas. Specifically, it allows local cities to upzone parcels of land up to 10 units. Sb 10 streamlines the process and ensures projects of up to 10 units won’t be mired in long-drawn-out lawsuits. This can help keep the costs of construction down by reducing legal fees as well as speeding the construction up. 

The bill still allows cities to make decisions about zoning and urban infill. Cities do however need to meet their quota for new housing construction which is required by the state. SB 10 will help to make sure those numbers can be met by allowing the city to upzone parcels of land without any long legal battles that can delay a project for a decade.

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