The 5 Fastest Growing Cities In Oregon

Published on Jun 24, 2022


Over the last decade, Oregon has been the 13th fastest-growing state in the county. This is been driven in large by both affordability as well as employment opportunity. While other states have struggled with housing shortages, Oregon has been able to provide a better supply of housing. The state is popular for those who enjoy the outdoors for recreational activities as well as those who enjoy more urban settings for the arts, food, and culture. Here are the five fastest-growing cities in Oregon:


Portland is the largest city in Oregon and the 15h largest in the country and over the last decade, it has seen the largest population growth in raw numbers in the state. Since 2010, the city’s population has increased by 85,817 making it the 24th fastest growing city in the country. Beyond the city’s reputation for food, art, and entertainment are the economic opportunities for young professionals. Portland is also one of the more affordable major cities with inclusive zoning laws allowing for the construction of more affordable new homes. It has become an attractive city for young professionals who want to eventually own a home. 


While Bend is mostly a tourist city, it has managed to become the second-fastest-growing city in Oregon. Since 2010, its population has increased by 24,851bringing the total population to just over 99k. It is now the 6th largest city in Oregon and the 140th fastest-growing city nationwide. Bend has become an attractive place to live with its focus on the arts and community. It is host to a film festival and in recent years has improved public transit making the city accessible for everyone. 


Salem, the capital of Oregon, is the 3rd fastest growing as well as the 3rd largest city in Oregon. Since 2010 the population has grown by 23,726 residents making it the 155th fastest growing city nationwide. The largest job sector in the city is the government making it a popular place to live for those working in the public sector. This gives the city a stable job market and local economy with room to grow more in the future. 


In the last decade, Eugene’s population is grown by 23,666 making it the 160th fastest-growing city in the country. It’s also the 2nd largest city in the country and it is most well known for being home to the University of Oregon and where Nike first started. It’s also known for being where the movie Animal House was filmed. Education and healthcare are the largest industries in the city but there’s also a growing industry of breweries and agriculture which has been a driver in the population growth over the last decade. 


Hillsboro is a large suburb of Portland and the 5th fastest growing city in Oregon. Since 2010, the population has increased by 18,222 making it the 242nd fastest-growing city nationwide. Because of its proximity to Portland as well as the growing tech industry within the city, Hillsboro has been able to grow its population to just over 100 thousand residents.    

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