Comparisons / Mynd vs. Ziprent Ziprent: A Mynd Alternative that offers comprehensive property management with lower flat fees and without a 12-month commitment. Mynd and Ziprent share a singular defining characteristic: flat-rate pricing for comprehensive property management services. Beyond this, they differ. Mynd has a higher lease renewal fee and its percentage-based approach for tenant placements. These differences offer wide openings for Ziprent customers to take advantage of more savings over time than Mynd can offer.

To help buyers make intelligent decisions, we delved into the specifics of Ziprent and Mynd, comparing our services, pricing, and unique offerings to theirs. From this research, we learned four important lessons:

1. Pricing Models: While Ziprent and Mynd offer flat fee structures, Mynd's pricing varies based on location and scales for multiple properties, offering a broader range of pricing options than Ziprent's fixed rate

2. Service Parity: Ziprent and Mynd cater to varied landlord needs with comprehensive property management services. While Mynd emphasizes multi-family residences and portfolio management, Ziprent focuses mainly on single-family homes. Ziprent does however also offer services to owners with multiple properties.

3. Financial Commitment: Ziprent maintains its appeal with month-to-month contract flexibility and no cancellation fees, contrasting with Mynd's approach, which includes various plans and protections tailored to different property sizes and investor needs.

4. Substantial Savings: Ziprent boasts thousands of dollars in savings in states up and down the West, such as California, Washington, and Oregon, as well as Texas, especially with residences with monthly rents at $2250 and higher.

Ziprent and Mynd - At A Glance

Ziprent and Mynd are both prominent players in property management. However, they cater to different needs. Ziprent is known for offering competitive prices, low flat fees, and no 12-month contract. These features make it highly appealing to many landlords, especially those seeking flexibility. The company also stands out because it doesn't only offer full property management; it also provides options for partial management. This mix of services means Ziprent can meet various property management needs, from complete oversight to singled-out, unique tasks.

Conversely, Mynd's strength is full-service property management, specifically for multifamily buildings. Mynd tends to follow a more traditional long-term contract model, which can appeal to landlords with more extensive portfolios. The differences between Ziprent and Mynd show the diverse needs of today's property owners, giving them options that fit their particular property management goals.

Ziprent vs. Mynd: Head-to-Head Comparison

Choosing the right property manager is crucial for landlords, and it often comes down to a detailed comparison of costs, services, and contractual terms. To facilitate this, we've juxtaposed Ziprent and Mynd, two prevalent online property management services, for a straightforward evaluation.

Ziprent Mynd Comparison Table

Point-by-Point Assessment

We've been analyzing the impact of properties with a monthly rent amount of $3,000 to see what we can learn when we apply this amount to the variable charges within pricing structures. We did this with Mynd, and we share the results below.

Note that we do not detail multi-property scenarios to keep the analysis tidy.


We pulled the data by city and state from Mynd and did the math.

As you'll see, one-home fees in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Georgia are all high. When we apply the tenant placement and renewal fees, we see that over a 1-2 year period, Ziprent saves ~$2,125.

On the flip side, you'll see the other states where the one home fee is, and the renewal fee is low enough to outperform Ziprent on price.

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Service Similarities

In the world of property management, both Ziprent and Mynd offer impressive tech-driven services. They equip property owners with an easy-to-use portal that provides a learner's view of their investments through financial data and reports. So, if you're a landlord who likes to keep a firm hand on the helm, these services could suit you perfectly.

Both brands pledge to take the hassle out of property maintenance. They boast efficient systems for dealing with repairs and tenant issues, keeping your properties in tip-top shape. If you're worried about the arduous task of finding reliable tenants, don't be. Ziprent and Mynd have strict screening checks to ensure they only put dependable and financially stable people in your properties. They also offer quick responses to inquiries and have a 24-hour emergency line to keep tenants happy and safe.

Are you tired of chasing up rent payments? Well, you're in luck - both brands digitize this process, which offers a pain-free way to collect rent and provides real-time information about your cash balances. This way, you can control your incomings and outgoings, making those financial reports more accessible.

Service Differences

Let's focus on what sets these two property management services apart.

One potential drawback of Ziprent Standard is that its basic package doesn't include rental income guarantees or eviction protection. However, for an additional fee, you can upgrade to Ziprent's premium service, ZipGuarantee, which offers these protections and more. This higher-level service is perfect for landlords who want added financial security for their properties. Ziprent takes a hands-off approach regarding viewings, arranging self-guided tours for potential tenants to explore properties on their terms..

It's critical to remember that our comparison is on Ziprent's basic package and doesn't include the protections offered by the ZipGuarantee service.

Mynd, however, offers its landlords a $5,000 Rental Income Guarantee to protect against late rent payments and a $5,000 Eviction Protection Plan covering legal fees and court costs if a tenant needs to be evicted. In other words, they ensure your cash flow stays healthy even if things go awry.

In conclusion, while Ziprent and Mynd offer solid, tech-driven property management services with comprehensive tenant assistance and financial transparency, they each provide different levels of protection and marketing options. They cater to a variety of landlord expectations and levels of risk tolerance. Whatever your property management needs, you'll likely find a good fit with either brand.

Contractual Commitments

Why do platforms like Netflix and Hulu outshine traditional cable providers? The secret is in their flexibility. They offer less commitment and charge no extra fees for cancellation. This convenience is a plus for landlords. Once you sign a long-term lease, your service provider might go AWOL, leaving you helpless. Consequently, landlords prefer month-to-month services as they require providers to validate their monthly value.

Ziprent distinguishes itself from other property management firms like Mynd through its month-to-month service without long-term obligations. This flexibility doesn't come with cancellation fees, allowing landlords to test Ziprent at zero risk and judge its performance each month.

Ziprent distinguishes itself from other property management firms like Mynd through its month-to-month service without long-term obligations. This flexibility doesn't come with cancellation fees, allowing landlords to test Ziprent at zero risk and judge its performance each month.

Customer Reviews:

Considering the depth of services and pricing is always important, however you should always consider reviews from real customers as part of your decision making process. Ziprent and Mynd both use Trustpilot Reviews to collect and publish customer reviews, making this comparison relatively straightforward.


Ziprent has an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot with 318 total reviews. This suggests an overwhelmingly positive experience from both landlords and tenants.

"Everyone can have a voice on Trustpilot. Anyone with a genuine experience is welcome to write a review, good or bad. All reviews are treated equally—and we don’t allow companies to remove a review just because they don’t like it."
- Jeffrey Paradise | Senior Commercial Support Manager

You can read all the customer reviews of Ziprent here.


Mynd is currently rated 3.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot with a total of 1,626 reviews. This suggests a luke-warm response to their effectiveness in providing their services. As for most property management companies, the reviews are a mixture of landlord and tenant reviews. It’s important to consider this distinction, as a landlord needs to protect their property and also ensure a reasonable tenant experience.

You can read all the reviews of Mynd here.


As we wrap up this comparison, some key advantages make Ziprent desirable for property owners looking at services like Mynd. Here are five reasons why:

1. Cost Efficiency: One of the standout features of Ziprent is its flat-rate pricing. This simple and predictable cost structure, including lower lease renewal fees and a fixed rate for tenant placements, can lead to significant savings, especially for landlords in high-rent states like California, Washington, and Texas.

2. Contract Flexibility: Ziprent offers monthly contracts, allowing landlords to adapt the services to their current needs without worrying about cancellation penalties. This eliminates the risk of getting trapped in a long-term contract, like Mynd's year-long contracts, that only sometimes serves their fluid needs.

3. Service Customization: Ziprent allows landlords to select the services they want, ranging from total property management to just tenant placement. Property owners can have a package that ideally dovetails with their needs.

4. Financial Security: If landlords seek more protection, Ziprent offers the ZipGuarantee plan. This covers rent default, evictions, and even security deposit issues, although it carries a higher cost.

5. Advanced Showings: Ziprent offers self-guided tours, empowering potential tenants to check out properties conveniently, saving time, and creating a tenant-friendly experience.

In a nutshell, the landlord-centric model adopted by Ziprent could prove beneficial in terms of finances and operations for property owners who value savings, adaptability, and service customization. However, each individual needs to weigh their specific needs to find the most suitable property management service.

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