Comparisons / Poplar vs. Ziprent Ziprent: The Pragmatic Choice for Efficient Property Management – A Comparative Analysis with Poplar As a landlord looking for effective property management, Ziprent's affordable and simple methods make it a practical choice, especially when compared to Poplar's services.

To help buyers make smart decisions, we delved into the specifics of Ziprent and Poplar, another property management company, comparing our services, pricing, and unique offerings to theirs. From this research, we learned four important lessons:

1. Ziprent Standard Plan wins on price for single-family properties at any monthly rent amount.

2. Ziprent Standard Service is tailored to deliver the critical services any rental property owner expects, including automated rent payouts, while Poplar provides additional services within their standard service offerings, such as annual health and safety inspections.

3. Poplar and Ziprent serve both single and multi-family property. While Poplar changes its price based on the type of rental property, Ziprent charges the same price no matter the number of units it services.

4. Poplar and Ziprent overlap in most states but not everywhere. Most will offer a map of where they offer services, like here.

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Ziprent and Poplar Homes - At A Glance

Ziprent and Poplar offer tech-driven solutions tailored to modern landlords. Ziprent stands out for its straightforward flat-fee pricing for custom custom-tailored list of efficeint services, while Poplar offers a more traditional percentage-based fee structure with varying service levels with a comprehensive list of services.For more assistance on how to hire a property management company, check out our guide. [link to a comprehensive guide here] or contact us at 415.688.6660

Ziprent vs. Poplar: Head-to-Head Comparison

To keep things simple, we compared the Ziprent Standard Plan with Poplar’s Standard Plan

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This table presents a side-by-side comparison of the two plans based on 4 important criteria, highlighting their distinct approaches to property management.

Ziprent Poplar Comparison Table

Point-by-Point Assessment

Ziprent has a simple flat fee of $125 and a tenant placement fee of $1,250 when they find a tenant for your property. This flat fee is predictable and will likely be less expensive than a percentage fee, depending on your monthly rent amount.

Poplar charges a different fee, depending on the number of residences and the monthly rent. While the fee is simple, it is less predictable and will increase over time as rents increase. Additionally, what happens if you have multiple tenants with different rent amounts? How much would Poplar be? You'll need to fully understand this before knowing the true total cost of their services.

Let’s keep it simple for now and assume the rent is $3,000 for a single-family home.Poplar would charge landlords $180 monthly, or 6% of the monthly rent, while Ziprent charges $125 monthly.

The 12-month savings with Ziprent Standard is $660. That’s 165 $4 lattes.

Ziprent: $125/month x 12 = $1,500

Poplar: $180/month x 12 = $2160

Difference: $1500-$2160 = -$660

If we add on tenant placement

Ziprent: $1,250 tenant placement fee = $1,250 (flat fee)

Poplar: $3,000*50% of first months fee + $3,000*4%*12 = $1,500 tenant placement fee+$1440= $2,940

Total Tenant Placement 12-Month Cost Savings with Ziprent: $1,690. 422.5 lattes.

Total 12-month Tenant Placement + Standard Services Cost Savings with Ziprent: $2,350

While we used a common monthly rent in our example, there is cost savings for any single-family residence with a monthly rent starting at $1,250.

Service Depth

Both offer comprehensive services within their Standard Plan but with different approaches.

Ziprent provides a comprehensive list of services that are tailored for single-family units but with a tech-enabled approach that helps preserve cash. For example, Ziprent offers self-guided tours, utilizing a smart lockbox method that has been praised by its customers for efficiency and ease of use. Ziprent has also developed a proprietary automated application processing tool, helping to make the process more efficient and reduce vacancy time. Ziprent’s dashboard allows you to monitor incoming tenant applications, financial information, repair requests, and more. We have a 24/7 online support service with lightning-quick response times to ensure your needs are met.

Poplar, on the other hand, includes similar services within the standard plan plus eviction coverage and annual home inspections. Poplar promotes 24/7 maintenance, but realistically there will be a time frame in which repairs are done. They also offer in-person tours, which is an antiquated approach to property management. In-person tours require scheduling and another person to meet the prospective tenant which could cause scheduling issues. Allowing qualified tenants to see the property at a time which is convenient for them often leads to a property being rented quicker.

Customer Reviews:

Now that you have a clear understanding of what both Ziprent and Poplar offer, let’s look at how real customers have rated their respective services. Ziprent and Poplar use Trustpilot Reviews to collect and publish customer reviews, making this comparison relatively straightforward.


Ziprent has an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot with 318 total reviews. This suggests an overwhelmingly positive experience from both landlords and tenants.

"Everyone can have a voice on Trustpilot. Anyone with a genuine experience is welcome to write a review, good or bad. All reviews are treated equally—and we don’t allow companies to remove a review just because they don’t like it."
- Jeffrey Paradise | Senior Commercial Support Manager

You can read all the customer reviews of Ziprent here.

Poplar Homes:

While Poplar homes has more reviews, with 589 verified customer reviews at the time of writing, they are currently rated 1.9 out of 5. This would seem to suggest a general unhappiness at the services provided by Poplar Homes. You can review Poplar Homes Trustpilot reviews here.


In the comparison between Ziprent and Poplar for property management services, Ziprent clearly emerges as the pragmatic and efficient choice for several key reasons:

1. Pricing Advantage: Ziprent's flat fee structure, priced at $125 for the Standard Plan, offers remarkable predictability and affordability. This model is especially beneficial for properties with rent of $1250 or higher, as the cost doesn't fluctuate with the rental price.

2. Ease Advantage: Ziprent’s approach to property management, which includes self-guided tours and automated lease generation, leverages technology for greater efficiency. This not only speeds up the process of finding and securing tenants but also reduces the time properties remain vacant. In contrast, Poplar’s traditional approach, including in-person showings, may not be as time-efficient or convenient for prospective tenants

3. Value Advantage: Despite its competitive pricing, Ziprent doesn't skimp on services. Their comprehensive package includes professional photography, 24/7 support, automated rent payouts, and expense and income tracking, all of which are crucial for effective property management. The automation and ease of use provided by Ziprent's platform streamline the management process, saving landlords both time and effort.

4. Flexibility Advantage: Ziprent offers month-to-month contracts, providing landlords with much-needed flexibility. This aspect is particularly appealing as it allows property owners to adapt to changing circumstances without being locked into long-term commitments, as is the case with Poplar’s longer-term contract requirements.

5. Customer Satisfaction Advantage: The high rating of 4.9 out of 5 from over 300 verified customer reviews on Trustpilot is a testament to Ziprent’s effectiveness and customer satisfaction. This contrasts sharply with Poplar’s lower rating, suggesting that Ziprent’s clients are generally more satisfied with their services.

In summary, for landlords seeking an efficient, cost-effective, and flexible property management solution, Ziprent stands out as a superior choice. Its pricing model, use of technology for efficiency, comprehensive service offerings, contract flexibility, and strong customer satisfaction record make it a highly attractive option in the property management market.

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